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    Angels Tears & Nougat Pairing Home Kit

    Experience 'The Taste of Heaven', our Angels Tears and Nougat Pairing in the comfort of your own home! This offer includes the following and serves 4 people: 1 bottle of Angels Tears Sauvignon Blanc 2019 paired with: Pistachio and apricot nougat
    1 bottle of Angels Tears Moscato Chenin 2019 paired with: Macadamia, mango & passion fruit nougat
    1 bottle of  bottle Angels Tears Rose 2018 paired with: Raspberry truffle in dark chocolate
    1 bottle of Angels Tears Cabernet paired with: Smokey almond nougat in dark chocolate Tasting Notes for 4 people 4x Nougat Bars
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    Umami Pairing Home Kit

    umam /uːˈmɑːmi/ noun a category of taste in food independent of the four traditional basic tastes — sweet, sour, salty and bitter Endulge in our exclusive Umami experience brought to you by The Heritage Garden @ Grande Provence. Serves 15+ This pairing includes:   -15x Tasting Sheets   -Cheese & Lyme Balsamic Syrup (and cheddar cheese) paired with our Grande Provence Sauvignon Blanc   -Balsamic Olive Oil, (Fresh Farm Bread) and Dukkah paired with our Grande Provence Shiraz   -Caramel Popcorn paired with our Angels Tears Moscato Chenin   *Fresh Farm Bread & Cheddar Cheese excluded (can be purchased at our Farmhouse Deli)