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  • Wine is sent to consignee’s door
  • Due to stringent wine import regulations in the USA, delivered will be within 21 – 28 working days.
  • Duties and taxes are INCLUDED
  • Insurance is included
12R5 005R4 455R9 350
18R6 245R5 940R10 490
24R7 360R6 595R13 145
30R8 600R7 150R15 810
36R9 350R7 920R17 580
42R10 485R8 570R19 980
48R11 690R9 240R22 640
54R12 870R9 980R25 170
60R13 860R10 560R27 700
Over 60 bottlesR230 per bottleR175 per bottleR440 per bottle

Important Notice:

  • Our rates are for 750ml bottles, rates for larger bottles, wooden or carton boxes on application.
  • Please note that the cost is R 230.00 per bottle over 60 bottles
  • This service is for wine and sparkling wine only.
  • Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Kentucky do not permit the importation of wine.
  • Limitations may apply to certain states/provinces, and a $65 surcharge per 6 bottles applies for Alaska and Hawaii.


  • Wine sent to consignee’s door
  • Transit time is 14 to 21 working days
  • Insurance is included
 SAZone 1 (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands)Zone 2 (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom)Zone 3 (Greece, Hungary, Ireland (Northern and Republic), Portugal, Spain, Sweden)
BottlesAirfreightCustoms clearing, & Delivery *Customs clearing & Delivery *Customs clearing, & Delivery *
6R480R897R957R1 397
12R480R957R1 216R1 557
18R720R1 403R1 826R2 310
24R960R1 859R2 459R3 075
30R1 200R2 321R3 042R3 839
36R1 440R2 789R3 652R4 609
42R1 680R3 267R4 257R5 379
48R1 920R3 713R4 862R6 133
54R2 160R4 169R5 467R6 919
60R2 400R4 642R6 078R7 673
Over 60 BottlesR40 per bottleR77 per bottleR101 per bottleR128 per bottle
  • Duties and taxes on landed cost – (calculated at 19% of the wine value and airfreight) must be added
  • This service is for PERSONAL CONSUMPTION only
  • There is a surcharge of R30 per bottle for Sparkling Wine
  • A maximum of 120 bottles per person allowed
  • Destinations not listed – on application.
  • Wine is sent to consignee’s door
  • Delivery time is 5-10 working days (dependant on customs clearing at destination)
  • Destination charges (duties and taxes etc) are EXCLUDED
  • Insurance is included
  • China: maximum of 3 bottles to a private individual is permitted
  • Japan & Singapore: maximum of 12 bottles to a private individual is permitted.
  • Australia: be warned, import duties and taxes in Australia are high.
Bottels (750ml)Norway, SwitzerlandAustralia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore
3R1 290R2 310
6R1 680R3 075
12R2 375R4 430
18R3 730R5 850
24R4 630R7 290